Report & Presentation

Your work during this lab is evaluated with:

  • a report
  • a presentation


First, you can look at some general guidelines on writing a Lab report: Lab_report HOWTO.pdf and Clean Matlab plots.pdf. It contains general guidelines on content selection and on formatting (in particular formatting of results and figures).

Content of the report

for 2017 session

Grid Power-flow routine

  • Explain the backward forward method. Diagrams could help.
  • Explain your choice of API design for your power-flow function.

Demonstrate that the power-flow function is working on a generic grid model (for example the “stress test”)

Linear model

  • show how you compute numerically a linearized model of V=f(Q)
  • compare the linear model with the real power-flow
  • propose an analytical model, discuss its validity against the numerical model

Voltage control

  • Present the structure of the control (measurement, control variable). Again, adding diagrams could help.
  • Transient simulation of the control.
  • Based on the comparison between numerical (PF) model and linear model:
    • Discussion of the stability and transient performance
    • Discussion of the steady state performance (i.e. steady state voltage and reactive power).

Finally, you can compare with results from an Optimal Power Flow.

Technical files

You don’t need to submit your “technical files” (Matlab scripts), although your report can include code extracts if you think it’s appropriate.


Useful document: checklist Presentation evaluation.pdf.

Format of the presentation

15 minutes presentation + 15 minutes discussion

You may want to rehearse in advance to respect the allocated time (neither too short, nor too long). If you rehearse alone (without an audience), keep in mind that we usually take more time when facing an audience.

Each group member should be the speaker for part of the presentation and the transition between the parts and the speakers should be smooth.


In order to be more comfortable during the presentation, it is highly recommended preparing slides (PowerPoint, Impress, LaTex/Beamer…), instead of scrolling through the report.

Rule of thumb: 1 slide/minute (important detail: slide should be numbered)

Slides should be designed with readability in mind:

  • big enough font size (including on figures and diagrams)
  • readable color contrasts

Content of the presentation

The presentation should highlight some key elements which are otherwise described with more details in the report.

Presentation should be organized to be balanced:

  • balance between the aspects you want to cover (not 10 minutes on section 1.1 of the assignment and 5 minutes on the rest)
  • balance between speaking time of each speaker